It’s Back! — April 29, 2009

With the 18” of new water we received last week our bay has cleared nicely. Not all the brown tide is gone but PLENTY of great L.L.M. water for everyone to enjoy.
With the clearing water our fish have responded. What a week we had last week and weekend.

Capt. Paul was the King of hill last week with 2 over 28” and 7 between 25” and 28”. ALL ON TOP WATER!!!!!!! Pictures will be posted the next few days.
Besides Capt. Paul, our other Capt’s. Caught and released 11 over 25”

Most of them were 25” to 26” great top water fish. Our go to bait has been small super spooks in light colors. Most of the trout we have caught are in the staging areas near spawning areas, all in anticipation of the up coming full moon. Find deep water near shallow sand pockets in grass beds and just get after it! Trout limits for those wanting to keep them have been easy, I just hope people who catch those 25” and above trout will release them to spawn. It’s only going to get better. Hopefully the folks looking for meat hauls will stay in areas with 10 fish limits. As always keep the small ones and release the larger to spawn and pass on their genes.

Reds have been shattered but if you want them they are in their usual haunts, on the sand and grass edge up shallow.

I have to give Capt. Mitch some praise, on the maiden voyage of his new custom built Dargel his first trout was a nice 16” but the second was a 27” weighing in at 7# NICE WAY TO BREAKIN A NEW BOAT!

Will post pictures as soon as we get them on file. Get ready folks its almost BEACH FRONT time and top water Kings and Tarpon.