It’s ON — October 15, 2008

How do you not sound like your using a worn out old cliché? “IT’S ON”  Our fishery has responded to 5 fish, plenty of fresh water “DollY” and reduced pressure. High fuel costs, 5 trout limit and a Hurricane for the upper coast has resulted in drastically reduced pressure for our end of the coast. All these factors have blessed us with catches to rival years past.
The last two weeks we have caught not only unlimited reds but GOOD middle class trout which rival catches made in the 90’s. Those wishing to keep trout can live cull fish to get stringers with an average size of 17 to 22 inches. Along the same lines the reds have been schooling with many days having us release 2 or more over sized. Capt. Brandon got his personal best, bay red, throwing top waters: 38” bottomed out his 15# Boga.

All the fresh water has our bay full of bait–crabs, piggies, mullet and plenty of shrimp. Our best pattern has been grass flats 1 foot to 3 foot with scattered sand pot holes. If you can’t find this type of structure in our bay system you had better check your glasses. That is about 80% of our water! Key is BAIT, Bait, Bait, and more BAIT!!!!!

Most of my fishing has been throwing top waters ALL DAY!!  Sunny days I am throwing Red Head, White Spook Jrs. or Bone. Cloudy days Black and chartreuse. Calmer days I am throwing smaller baits and as the wind kicks up I go to a larger size.

Not to post a commercial, but Pradco “YUM” has introduced a new soft plastic called the Money Minnow. YEP! They’re expensive but you can catch multiply fish on the same bait. Fishing them in less than 2 feet of water I am using a 1/16 oz. jig head. With their flat turned down tail you can just throw them out and reel them in just fast enough to avoid hanging in the grass. Easy bait for the novice or accomplished angler. Don’t worry you will not have to set the hook or know when you get a strike; the fish are just blasting them. Best colors have been Clown or shad with chartreuse back. Both trout and reds have been proving their stuff.

As I said earlier we are just driving around until we spot a good pod of bait and hop out. It will not take you long to find the fish.

Not to spout off another cliché but, let’s remember what happened to our Bay the last few years and if you don’t need fish at home, RELEASE THEM! Just keep what your family needs. If we all practice this, it’s only going to get BETTER! I can’t wait for cold weather!!!!!! BIG TROUT!!!!!

Our dove hunting continues to be about average, but the fun thing is one of our pastures has plenty of pigeons and the land owner wants them GONE! T.D. does not like retrieving them!

For those whom we had to reschedule THANKS from Shirley and I for your understanding.  Now a commercial for us! The ducks have shown up and we have some space left for Cast n Blast: Duck hunting mornings and chasing big trout in the afternoon. All I can say is, if our big trout respond the way our middle class have:  this is going to be a RED LETTER YEAR for trophy Trout!