It’s Time — July 1, 2012

Just like the title! Offshore is lighting up!!!!!!!!!!! Got offshore the other day 32 kings on top water and 3 on a 6 Wt. fly rod. Will be going off everyday possible now. Watch for many photos of great catches to follow. Tarpon are in the harbor and won’t be long until we get some great shots offshore.

Now to the bay, what can I say: but five fish worked and continues to be good. Hopefully the folks throwing croaker remember how bad it was 5 years ago and use those little sticks of dynamite prudently and not whack all the larger trout they catch. We are getting enough tournament pressure we don’t need weekend anglers killing every 25” plus they catch. Not bashing them, just a personal observation of abuse of our resource. Sure is fun to catch 25” plus trout on top waters and watch them swim away.

Our bays have moved into a real summer pattern! Its combat wading, chin deep. Our better trout are 4 to 5 foot deep. They are eating darker plastics on windy days and lighter colors on clear water days.

We are also finding GOOD REDS in deep water as well. I guess those reds are running to deep water to escape 40 MPH props running all over the skinny water. We are catching some reds in super shallow water or DEEP!

Remember keep the little ones and release the larger to pass on their genes.

We are booking our Cast n Blast dove trips and have very little space available, if interested please call before we fill out the season.