Jack Carpenter

Just got word that Jack Carpenter passed away not long ago.
Like him or not he was one of those characters that were a big part of Port Mansfield.
He ran my friends and I off every dock in town since we were children. If we even crossed so much as 1 square foot of private property to wadefish his car would always be parked right where we came ashore. In all those years he only took one of us to jail(and that guy deserved it). Never took our beer or our fish. Usualy just chewed us out for trespassing and told us to go home. I guess he knew we were'nt stealing anything, just fishing.
I laughed on the phone yesterday because we realized that when we were kids we thought we never really liked Jack. Once we got old enough to sit and have a beer with him we started to warm up to the old fart.

Oh well.
Things change and people move on.

I have this sudden urge to jump the fence and fish the corner at 3 in the morning. 😉