January 15, 2007 — New Year, New Site…New Regulations?

As we closed out 2006, we look back and realize 2006 was a phenomenal year for the lodge and our Guides.  Dad caught his largest trout to date, Teddy came extremely close to catching his largest trout, but in concilation he caught his largest snook, I was fortunate enough to guide my friends and clients to 2 IGFA World Records and 12 Texas state blue water fly records.  What does 2007 have in store for us?

Well, as you can see we have launched a new and improved website.  If you register in the month of January to recieve fishing reports and to post to the forum, you are automatically entered to win a free rod and reel! My goal was to create a more user friendly atomosphere  and a more easily interactive site.  I hope I accomplished my mission.  As you come in a look around, please look for typos, missing, or superflourous content and let me know so I can add or retract.  We have also added a few new twist to the Getaway Adventures Lodge experience.  For 2007, we have added Duck Hunting and will be offering more offshore experiences for those interested.  Also, I will be launching a new website February 1st, 2007 soley dedicated to Extreme Offshore Fly Fishing called [url=http://www.deepbluefly.com] The Deep Blue Fly Experience [/url].  Check it all out!!!

Personally, the greatest challenge I have undertaken this year is fighting for the regionalizing of the lower Laguna Madre from the rest of the coast and manageing us accordingly to our unique population data rather than to the rest of the coasts.  The LLM is a very special place and should be managed accordingly.  Please help us in supporting our efforts.  [url=http://www.supportregionalization.com] Support Regionalization [/url]  Lot of information and the morally concious thing to do!  And that's all I have to say about that!

As for the fishing…ITS SHOW TIME!  Between fronts, show schedules, and public speaking obligations, the fishing has been phenomenal.  The trophy trout season has fired up if you can brave the conditions. We are finding them on corkys and small baby bombers fished very slow over dark areas. 

Dumb old reds are easy to fool into taking anything short of tops.  Spoons, corky's, and dark plastics with wedge tails that move some water have been the go to's for the spot!  We are finding them actually throughout the water column.  Unfortunately, on the cooler days, do not look for much of a fight!  I actually caught one on a Corky I never realized I had it on unitl she got up to me.  I thought I had a bunch of grass. 

Offshore…well, would the wind and seas please go away.  I am jonesing for some YFT and with average seas 4-8…well a warm bed with my little snuggle bunny seems much more inviting.

Thanks for following us and fishing with us… and let's look forward to another successful season!