January 31, 2007 — Cold Wind + Cold Rain = Big Trout

Alright, admittedly, I am a stuck up skinny water fly fisherman who would prefer to chase sheephead on fly in ankle deep water than mess around with deep water trout in freezing (for a south Texas boy) weather.  Well, the last month or so has really opened my eyes to the fun a few big sows can supply a stuck up Gucci fisherman; as dad so lovingly labels us longrodders.  I don't know if it is the challenge, or what, but I have had a blast catching the big girls since the beginning of December.  I think to date, between Dad, Teddy, and myself ,we have landed 1 over ten pounds, a dozen or so at  9 pounds, and numerious 6 plus pounders.

With the entire month of January bathed in a shroud of misty, cold, dreary weather, the big trout have been on the move and over the last week the average fish, mostly caught and released  :-[, has been between 24 to 28 inches long and FAT!  Check out our [url=http://www.getawayadventureslodge.com/photoshome.htm]photos sections[/url] for a good cross section of the fish we are catching.  With some serious potlicking going on this time of year, I will not get specific where we are catching them but look for areas with dark bottoms and quick access to deep water.  I have been finding the majority of my fish on dark bottoms around various drainage ditches with super silty bottoms in roughly waist deep water.  Baits of choice are anything that can get down a foot to 18 inches deep fished very slowly.  Expect a very subtle bite and if you see any thing move on the surface….cast in and hold on.  Also, do not be afraid to try topwaters either!  I got a fairly consistent bite on a large skitterwalk catching 3 upper slot reds and a 27 trout  within forty-five minutes.

Reds are everywhere and will take anything.  Once again, if they are not on topwaters, look for a very subtle bite.  My clients and I are finding they love the color yellow–either Corkys or tops.  Just have fun.

Offshore, I miss the deep stuff.  With trophy trout bookings, shows, and weather, well, I just have not had the opportunity to get out deep.  Reports are the YFT are still in and wahoo are everywhere.  I am looking forward to my next window to get out and get in touch!

Finally, check out my article in the May/June issue of Shallow Water Angler Magazine, Structure on a Structureless Flat.  Focuses on fishing areas with little, or subtle, structures.  I hope you guys enjoy the read!