July 10, 2005 — All-Star Break

Well, it's Monday morning, Lance Armstrong is taking a well deserved break from the tour and MLB is stretching out a few days over the All-star break.  However, here in old Port Mansfield, the action is just winding back up for the long second half stretch.  Offshore fishing has been absolutely perfect and with the arrival of the shrimping season, storms in eastern Gulf, and a desire to catch as many pelagic species as possible the offshore season is shaping up to be one to remember.

American Light brought fifteen down for the weekend and I believe we sent them back to Austin with a few very sore arms.  Limits of snapper and a few very nice ling were the highlights of their trip as well were a number of large, unhappy king fish.  A few left astounded that they were actually sight-casting to rising Red Snapper in merely 50 feet of water.  The experience left a few drooling chins and a number of “that was awesome' floating in the air.  The best part, they would limit with three boats in two days before lunch each day.  Ahhhhh, south Texas near shore snapper fishing…in the words of the infamous jailbird Martha Stewart, “That's a good thing!”

The Mother Lagoon was once again proved the tempting and tempestuous vixen she is.  Although she surrendered in numbers, the quality seemed to back down from the last few weeks.  Mostly attributed to three days of 30+ winds followed by two days of dead calm back to 25+ days could have a little to explain for her mood swings.  The week ahead appears to be a beauty with heat.  Look forward to next weeks fishing report for our snook and tarpon antics.  Dad and I are taking a day off today to chase some south Texas Snook and get some pictures so also check out the photos page to see how we did.

As far as what the fish are eating,  spook jr's and skittlewalks have been the bait of choice for flat reds and cajun pepper and pumpkin chartreuse have been intriguing the trout.  On fly, Redfish have proved to be very finicky but once the pattern of the day is established watch out.  Majority of the Redfish taken on fly last week were taken on small glass minnow patterns not crabs. 

Reds continue to pod up and down the Laguna Madre and trout are holding over hard sand bottoms with deep grass escapes.  Look for the fish to maintain this pattern through late August when they start to move back toward deeper water.  Until then enjoy the warm weather, protect the back of your legs in skinny water, and come fishing.