July 13, 2003 — Reds and Storms

Well we’re sitting around with all the hatches battened down waiting on Claudette! Looks as if we will get a direct hit, but if predictions are right it will help our bay system with the fresh water, hopefully with minimum damage to our town. We may be off line a few days if our standard power outages occur.

The last two weeks can only be summarized with outstanding Red fish action in 3 feet of water and good Trout in 4 to 5 foot. I will be posting additional photos of recent trips today. We have had an excellent bite on Mid size and over slot reds with guests taking home great Half Shells, Our trout have finally stabilized on the outside of the grass in 5 foot of water. (COMBAT WADING)

Reds continue to be caught on Bone, Purple-chartreuse T.K.s Trout on Bone and purple T.K.s

Pods of Mullet have been the ticket to locate the reds. One note our bite has been after 9:00 A.M. due to the Full Moon we currently have. A 1/8 once jig head with split ring and swiffle fished Slow, Slow has worked the best for the Reds. Seems you would get a light tap-tap, at which point, just stop the bait and let it fall and the reds would knock the rod from your hand. The red bite would last till about 12 to 1 in the afternoon.

The trout holding in deep water would just knock the fire from your bait and basically hook themselves. This deep wading is not for everyone but if your willing to endure, good trout action is available.

A recent group from Houston 4 couples fished with us and caught reds, trout and a number of flounder. My fishing partner for two days started out very reluctant to wade even 3 foot of water. But after walking her thru 4 and 5 foot of water in the guts became a Fishing Machine. She would hold my shoulder for reassurance and just float to the next bar. Her comment the first day!!!!! I won’t even get in a swimming pool and YOU! Have me out here in this deep water with all these creatures that can eat me! Well when they departed this morning she informed her husband I need a pair of those wading boots. Looks like we have a new wade fishing addition to our sport. One lady commented as we were wading her husband always-just wades away from her leaving her alone in the bay. I just let her know maybe her husband is concerned that she is out fishing him!!!!!!!!!! Then we have M. & M. afflectionally known as Mauler Momma, seems once we put a Mansfield Mauler on her line she proceeded to KICK BUTT!! Last but not least was our diehard. After having a tuff first day Capt. Charlie made it his Mission to get her a Big Red, Well it didn’t take her long to set him straight. And land a number of reds and trout. In summary couples are great fishing groups UNTIL THE WIVES start out fishing the guys. Seems us guys just have too big of EGO!!!!