July 19, 2005 — Hurricanes!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting our weekly report. We have been a tad bit busy getting ready for a visit from Emily! As I write this report all projections have the storm going into Northern Mexico south of us. We are to get 70 plus MPH winds. You never know! Who can make as many mistakes and keep their job but a weatherman? Hope we just get a lot of rain and moderate winds. We will post as soon as power comes back on Wed. or Thursday.

Now about last weeks events. What can I say but Offshore continues to be hot! We were offshore everyday last week and snapper continue to be EASY with some in the teens. Kings are now showing up on the rocks and behind shrimp boats. Once the seas calm down starting Thursday we will be back offshore and will give a midweek report if the storm doesn’t hit us too hard. If things follow the previous years, look for the GULF to turn on BIG TIME following Emily. The shrimpers will be back offshore Friday following the storm and the lunch bell will ring.

We fished a number of guests in the bay last week and all groups had successful trips with plenty of reds and decent trout. Small top waters in light colors produced both trout and reds. The reds still have us somewhat confused with the better fish coming from 2 to 3 feet of water. Trout continue to hold in 4 and 5 foot of water. Cajun pepper and red and white continue to be the top soft plastic for trout. With the projected heavy rains we look for the bay to get a BIG FLUSH! All the fresh water may hamper us a few days but it will help to flush what little brown tide that is left.

Please note Brandon is now putting the groups together for our trips in March to Central America: Tarpon, snook, sails, marlin and rooster fish. If you were one of our guests interested in making one of the trips with us please forward and e-mail to Capt. Brandon.