July Blurr…August Blurrier — August 24, 2011

    That’s the only way to describe the last two months. With Capt. Brandon out of touch for 6 weeks and not able to help; we have been going totally NUTZZZ with back to back trips. Sure miss the KID!

      I will try to summarize the last two months the best way I can. July saw me fishing 25 days out of the month with both bay trips and near shore, Tarpon and king trips. Just too dang old to go 22 days straight. Those I have not returned calls in a timely manner, PLEASE forgive me, as some nights I was just too tried to eat and just went to bed.

        Fishing during July has been on a scale of 3 out of 5 for bay trips and 8 out of 5 for Near shore trips. (8 out of 5) means offshore has been off the scale excellent, more later.  Our bay trips have produced plenty of trout for guests but reds have been some what slower. Summer trip reds should be excellent but I can’t explain what happened but the trout has made up the difference. Most guests have been catching 16 to 19 inch trout with a number of upper sizes being caught as well. Pictures to follow. Capt. Ted, Paul and Mitch have all had trout caught 28 to 29 inches. Three of them have weighed in excess of 8 pounds. Excellent summer time fish.

      Our go to bait in the bay has been small top waters in Bone Chartreuse, Redhead white bodies. Plastics have been bone chartreuse and Charters and red tails. The water has cleared well with the lack of winds and we all hope the clear water will speed up the growth of the Turtle grass we lost in last year’s floods. One note be careful we have more jelly fish in our bay this year than ever before.

      July/August near shore has just EXPLODED!!!!! The action has been just off the wall with many 50 plus fish days. Tarpon, kings, Cero Macks, Jacks, bull reds and Bonita all on light tackle and fly. One of our best days recently, I had a double (two) 80 pound Tarpon on at the same time.  One broke off within 5 minutes but we were able to get one to the leader, get a scale, good pictures and release. While we were fighting our 80 pounder Capt. Pete’s crew hooked and lost 8!!!! You have too BOW TO THE KING WHEN THEY JUMP!!!! Once I learn how to post video from my flip camera I will post for your enjoyment. I know I have a number of anglers waiting on them, so they can show their friends. Brian, I’m working as fast as I can.

    Unless we get a big storm in the gulf, our near Shore will continue to be and only get better. What a ride it has been.

    Small commercial, we have very little space left for Cast n Blast doves, if interested call quickly. All Capt’s. are really looking forward to the up coming cooler weather, will be interesting if we will see the overall size of our trout increase the same we have the last three years with reduced limits. If they do, folks who have not fished down here will be in total shock the average size our trout will be. Could be as good as 10 years ago.

  I will try and post more reports in a timely manner, but Momma Getaway has said she will not let me do that many days in a row ever again as I must have been a REAL  AS_HOLE to everyone. Its just tuff not to guide or fish when the fishing is so consistent/great and guests are having so much fun with the action. We will see who the boss is soon!

Remember keep the small ones, they eat better than larger ones and the larger ones will be there to pass on their genes.