June 14, 2006 — CATCH-UP TIME!!!!

I really admire those who can fish all day and sit down on the computer at night and write 1000 word reports!!!!!!!!!! This OL’ Fa_t can’t!  With today being a turn around day for us I can catch up with reports, sorry me and the KID are not posting them weekly as planned, just plain TOO TIRED!!!!

All I can say is our fishing is staying above average! Last week we had 4 guests best their all time biggest trout. If I can remember correctly they were 1 – 30”, 1 – 29”, 2 – 28” and a number between 27 and 28”. See photo page! These fish are coming from deeper water as our summer crowds have shown up and the traffic has forced them down. Most of our Capts’. have had good trout as well. I do thank the past groups who have caught these larger fish and released them. My good friend Steve G. caught a 26 and a 28 the same day and released both. What continues to amaze me, is the people who say they will go out of business if they don’t keep 10 fish and the largest possible, just will not hold water! AGAIN A BIGGG THANKS TO STEVE and the boys for releasing those larger fish.

Now as far as patterns, the trout have been holding in 3.5 to 4.5 feet of water in out of the way places. Our go to bait has been a soft plastic shrimp tail. Yes I said shrimptails! With the trout holding deeper we can get a shrimp tail to fall quicker on a light enough head to get down on top of the grass, without burying it the grass. Going to a heaver head just causes the plastic to dive into the grass and not lay on top. Capt. Ted had a bait company pour us a bunch of what we call CAJUN PEPPER with a CHARTREUSE TAIL. Seems this color has been our most consistent color and works both clear and off color water. I have been catching fish near the PORT and Poppy, THE KID, Capt. Dan and Steven have been fishing both north and south. Look for out of the way places that have a reduced amount of boat traffic. GOOD LUCK.

Fishing for reds, WHAT can I say but unbelievable. Capts’. Brandon and Dan have just been catching some unbelievable numbers and size! Most of these reds are coming on small top waters before the traffic gets too bad.

Our offshore trips are producing Great snapper catches and my good friend the KINGS are here. YEA HA< YEA HA! Time to wear some guests out!!!!! Plenty of top water action with us getting them airborne!!!!!!!!!! Also as soon as the KID gets some 35 mil. Pictures developed watch for some bodacious tarpon photos. One word BIGGG!!!