June 27, 2005 — WHAT A WEEK!!!

What can be said about a week like this one?  Simply a red letter week; Incredible fisherman, incredible weather, NO WIND, predictable summer patterns, and very willing and cooperating fish.  The past week has been merely nothing shorter than absolutely spectacular.  Tarpon, Snook, Snapper, King's, Red's and Spec's galore were simply everywhere.  Moreover, we hosted over 62 people this week and a majority asked for catch and release.  What a week, the fish stars were aligned a we reaped the benefits.

Offshore has been absolutely incredible with a number of King's in the 40 to 50 pound range and red snapper as always being world class.  Jumped a number of Tarpon in the 125 to 170 pound class but on 20 pound test and 30# Mono leader the battles were slightly shorter than required to land these magnificent fish.  We are booking trips to target deep water tarpon so do not hesitate to book.  However, we will not honor trophy tags, catch and release only!  We are jumping quite a few per day on fly and conventional. 

Inshore.  I think the snook fishery has rebounded but I have seen a few very disturbing pictures posted on the net of a number of non-slot snook and multiple bags kept.  Remember, snook MUST be 24-28 inches long and only one per day.  However, if you are keeping, shame on you.  Let's manage this fishery so we can land more an d return us to the snook fishery we used to maintain.  The saddest picture I have seen had five guys with roughly 30 snook between them.  Not one over 20 inches.  EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION!!!

Redfish action has been off, or should I say, on the hook!  Over three days, no kidding here, three of our inshore boats landed over 70 reds a day.  Apiece.  Beautifully, all caught and released.  The summer Redfish pattern has returned and the fish have moved into their predictable summer patterns and top waters are the way to go.

Big trout are being sight casted to daily and Sunday saw a 28 and 30 landed in succession.  Much larger 'aquarium' fish have been targeted but just not eating or you cannot get through their redfish escort before tugging a red.  Summer is here! Drop everything and get fishing