June 30, 2003 — Twenty One Feet of Reds

Sorry for the delay in keeping our fishing reports page up to date, but June was a very trying month with the loss of my Mother and Shirley’s Mom’s broken hip one week later. This coupled with a busy schedule left precious little computer time for fishing reports. They will be kept up from this point forward.

To summarize June one must say fair trout and outstanding red fishing. With our summer patterns of low winds we have started a great top water bite for both trout and reds. The trout continue to hold in 3 to 5 feet of water along the grass lines, with reds from 1 foot to 4 feet in the potholes and along the grass and sand edges.

Capt’s. B.J. and Frank have continued to limit on good snapper with all the kings one could want being available. On a recent trip Capt. B.J. while fishing jumped two sails while fishing for snapper on the rocks. If you like the taste of snapper now is the time to book and enjoy the bonus of good kings on light tackle, after you limit on snapper.

On a recent trip Capt. Ted and myself fished Sharkcoach and the boys from Bay City, Danbury and the upper coast. These are no longer guests to our Lodge but great friends and true sportsmen. The first day found us wading a flat in 3 feet of water throwing top waters WHAT A SITE!!!! To see seven anglers all bowed up with mid twenty inch reds at one time. In four hours the 9 of us caught and released in excess of 60 keeper reds with a number over 28 inches. Along with these reds were 40 trout. I truly enjoy these gentlemen’s company as they fish for sport, not meat hauling. Yes we kept some fine half shells for the grill and a few trout, but all trout over 20 inches were released.

The second day of their trip found us in 4 to 5 feet of water looking for that Big Trout. I am sorry to say she didn’t show but many of her sisters did! Had we kept trout the second day limits would have been had by all.

Our trout fishing is not up to past years but we still are having a great time with top waters and Bone, Purple Chartreuse T.K.s The trout can be patterned easily along the outside edge of the grass in 4 to 5 feet of water. Just look for the bait and throw small top waters. This also is holding true in somewhat shallower water for the reds.