June 4, 2004 — Wind, Rain and some nice weather

After almost three weeks of 25 M.P.H. plus winds the pattern may have changed this week. We awoke this morning with Old Glory not standing straight out like it was starched. Having been off the water for two weeks due to Shirley losing her Mom, I spent my first day trying to get back on the fish. It did not take long with the wind down somewhat to pattern the trout. Using bone and chartreuse Sand Eels in 3 to 4 foot of water we caught consistent trout 15 to 20 plus inches. The trout have been staging inside the grass lines 100 yards from the outside edges in deeper water. Look for this pattern to hold though out the summer. On days when the winds stay under control use that super spook jr. in chrome blue and small skitterwalks same color. If the winds stay down look at the west bank as with the past high winds that area has had somewhat less pressure than other areas. If you will work both north and south of the Port along the outside grass lines you will get into the trout.

The reds continue to hold south of the Port and schooled in large numbers. Small top waters in gold continue to work well. The top red bait of choice is the ¼ oz. Gold spoon. Put it on and throw you can’t go wrong and will be rewarded with good action on high-in slots. Remember a slow approach to these fish is important. If you score on a fish DO NOT move until you fish the area completely. These school’s are tightly bunched and will allow numbers of reds to be caught from each.

Finally with the winds down Capt. Frank made a trip offshore as usual his group was not disappointed. They returned with limits of Good Snapper. With a ripping current, chumming them to the top was not an option. He said he saw the first signs on good schools of Kings, so look for the King top water action to heat-up.

If the wind pattern is truly changed look for our top water bite to take off and fishing will only get better. A top water fished early both deep for trout and shallow for reds will be the bait of choice but do not be afraid to throw top waters during the middle of the day. If the trout are on a major feed they will come up from 3 to 4 foot to hit top waters. As a rule these will normally be larger fish. If you want to catch larger trout I still recommend top waters early or late. Your catch ration will be less but the overall size will be better.