June 5, 2005 — Blow, Blow, Blow the Man Down

What an incredible week of fishing!  Captain Ted started the week out on stellar 26, 27, and 29 inch trout extravaganza!  All before 11:30 in the morning.  The twenty-niner went 7.8 and just missed being the first Star qualifier for the Port Mansfield district.  Through Wednesday, the fishing was absolutely flawless with Blue bird skies and light wind.  But as the saying goes in Texas, “If you do not like the weather wait a few minutes.”  Wednesday started out with the forecast calling for 'windy' with scattered thunderstorms and ended with the Harbor office reporting 84 knot winds; a little more than a light breeze for the port.

The trout bite has finally succumbed to it's normal early summer patterns.  One day it is big fish followed by a couple of days of tide runners.  The big trout are being caught early morning along the skinny flats holding on grass beds with close sand pockets.  Look for what appears to be floating logs and sudden flashes of silver.

Redfish continue to be numerous and willing to tug a line.  Reds are found early morning and late evening podding in ankle to shin deep water.  2005 has proved thus far to be one of the best fly-fishing seasons on record.  Although windy, fish are voracious and not so spooky up on the skinny stuff.  However, not the case on the flats where they are normally taken.  We are attributing this to the great influx of new boats and anglers in the lower Laguna Madre.  The poor flats fish have to feel like they are being herded all over the Mother Lagoon by these noisy monsters.

Offshore has taken off on cue.  Early Thursday produced a number of Tarpon jumps and a couple of Tripletail.  King fish are back as well and readily taking fly and artificial.  AS always, the snapper fishing is world class.