This has always been one of my favorite times of year to fish Lake Livingston. The weather has somewhat stabilized and the bass are going to be very predictable and in easy patterns for the rest of the summer. Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, worms, and jigs are all going to be top producer for the next few months. The water is really getting clean and the river is already getting that emerald green color which is a sign that fishing is good all over the lake. Up north there is not a stretch of bank that I can think of where there is ample cover that you cannot get a bite. When conditions are good like they are right now this lake shows its true colors. I live up on Bethy Creek which is about five miles up the river from Carolina Creek , just up the river from Bethy is Harmon Creek. These three are the major creeks for about a ten mile stretch of river above the jungle. All three are excellent for bass and in between the creeks are dozens of small tributaries and small pockets off of the river which all hold good fish. Down in the jungle Caney and White Rock feed in and they are two of the best creeks on the lake. Don’t be intimidated by Livingston’s size and timber. The river is marked with poles on either side of the river and most of the poles have a red or green sign on them. Remember when traveling upriver keep the red signs on your right and traveling down river to keep the red signs on your left. Red Right Up(RRU) and Red Left Down(RLD). That’s a simple way to keep yourself in the boat lane. The upper end can’t get too rough because there is not that much openwater for the wind to get a hold of. The jungle is an exception however. As you may know about Livingston the bass remain shallow all year around. During the dog days of summer you can catch bass in two feet of water and less, so think shallow when you fish Livingston. Fishing the shoreline cover is the best way to catch bass on Lake Livingston. Logs, stumps, reeds, boatdocks, and rocks are some of the best cover to fish. The early late bite is awesome on Livingston but they can be caught all day by concentrating on shallow cover that provides shade for the bass. The entire lake is full of bass, I am kind of partial to the north end because I live up here. It is going to be a good summer of fishing of Livingston so come out and enjoy it. Bill Cannan Professional Fishing Guide

– Texas Saltwater Fishing Guide