Last 2007 Report — December 31, 2007

Well it’s that time of year!!! We head out Wednesday for the Fishing and Boat Show Circuits, about as much fun as a root canal. Only saving grace is we get to visit friends we don’t get to see but once a year as they too are on the water fishing most of the year. The shows now are more of a social event than a marketing venue, it’s nice to visit old friends and meet new ones.

As I sit here we have a real blue norther blowing in and where will I be when it settles down and the Big Girls start to move? Houston Boat Show!

Enough BS!! Momma Getaway (Shirley) went to Houston to visit old friends so I was left here by my self, so what did I do but invite the gang down and go fishing. Capt. Darrin, Marine Special Ops: Johnny (home on leave from some far away mission) Dewain, Capt. Brandon, and Capt. Pete spent a few days trash talking and fishing!! Capt. Poppy had the grandson chasing Bambi.

Sat. was a good day for numbers with Dewain, Capt. Pete and myself fishing against the kids. Well as to be expected us OLD FA_TS” still can kick some young ARSE. Glad I had Pete and Dewain on my team between them they had more than a 3 man limit of trout. After the day I felt I needed to go back to 101 Guide School, fishing between Pete and Dewain I tried every lure they used and could only manage ONE BITE!!!!!!! My MOJO was GONEEEEEEEEEE! Those kinds of days put your fishing ability into perspective.

We, or should I say THEY, caught their fish in 2 ½ feet of water on Catch 2000’s and corkys. Bone silver and bone with chartreuse were the colors of choice. Most the fish caught were 17 to 20”. Good skillet fish. Yes we kept a few so I could do Blackened Trout. Capt. Brandon and his group did catch some nice trout but not the numbers. They were using red and white and bone corkys and catch 2000’s. We did manage to catch 6 keeper reds which were released.
Sunday we had some heavier winds so we waited until 11:00 AM to depart. My MOJO came back and I caught and released a nice 4# trout and a number of keeper size. Catch and release day. Fishing was somewhat slow until about 2:30 PM then we had a good burst of action. We all caught nice trout and a number of upper slot reds. But it was our Marine Johnny who was the STAR today. Fishing what I refer to as ‘the bowl’ he lands a LARGE RED then on his next cast I see the girl come to the top and knew he had a BIG TROUT. After a careful fight he gets her up to him only to see she was barely hooked! Darrin tries to grab her and you guessed it: SHE’S GONE.
I got a good look and estimate her at least 28 to 29” somewhere between 7 and 8 pounds. I was heart broken but all Johnny could say was O MY GOD that’s the biggest trout I have ever seen alive. He was happy so that’s what counts. I sure would like to have a photo but he was happy and that’s what is about.

A few days following this front look for the big trout to really turn on. They will be staging on softer bottoms near deep water drop offs. Look for those small drop offs next to the ICW or East Cut. Dress warm and get into the water with them. Sorry: but I just have not been as successful fishing from the boat as I am wading. Remember fish SLOWWWWW, if you think your fishing slow enough slow down, some more.

Find some good structure and work every inch of it. Those who have fished with me during the winter are shocked at how little area I cover in a day. Sometimes less than 200 yards. Those big fish will get into an area and stay all winter. Fan cast every 12” in front of you; sometimes those big fish will NOT move more than a foot to eat. Your cold and you can bet they are too, but they have to feed! Most suspending baits corkys, catch 2000’s will be the go to bait.

I will post additional reports on my return. Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Come B.S. with us at the boat shows.

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