Laziness or Just Plain Old — September 23, 2009

Folks, I don’t know if I am just lazy or just plain old: OLD! I was just too tried recently to type reports in a timely manner. Hopefully I can get back on track.
Fishing only continues to get better. We had our first cool front hit today, nice to walk outside to 70 degree temps.

As our water is staying in the low 80’s our trout haven’t started their move to shallower water. We continue to catch them 3 to 4 feet on the outside edges. Top waters have been a big part of our go to baits. Smaller sizes continue to produce best. Spook Jrs. Colors have been the old stand by red head white, bone, and trout patterns on cloudy days.

Just yesterday I had my good friend Gordon and his brother and dad with me and due to fathers age we were drifting. Well Gordon continues his quest for a 30 “ trout, but he watched helplessly as a 28” plus shook the top water right at the edge of the boat. Well he coming back in Dec. to chase ducks with me and hopefully this year break the 30” curse. All of our guides continue to catch good mid size trout 20” to 26” on a regular basis. Looks like we made it thru the silver dynamites use last summer without them over harvesting. Look for changes to that form of fishing to follow in the near future. YEA HA!!!

Reds: What can I say, ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!! The shallower the better. What a hoot to catch them on top water in 6” of water. Just remember keep your legs/feet together. It SURE HURTS to have a hook in your leg and the other in the mouth of a 25” plus red. Makes you say really bad words. If you are after reds GO SHALLOW, SHALLOW!!

We just started dove hunting but what can I say. Johnny and the boys really have taken care of us with outstanding sunflower fields with all the birds you could want. I’ll be posting some photos of our hunts ASAP. Remember my buddy Gordon I spoke of who lost his big trout, WELL he whimped out on me yesterday. After shooting Monday, Tuesday morning he was whining about his SORE SHOLDER (Nice thing about a puppy, it will quit whining in about 6 weeks) Not so for people. Seems he shot so much he was ready to quite shooting early! What a wimp! In his defense his shoulder was purple from his elbow to his chest.

We still have a LITTLE space left for Cast n blast duck hunts. We already have lots of ducks. We don’t hunt teal season as we are too busy with doves but there has been a lot showing up. We look for an outstanding duck season especially getting 6 ducks this year is a bonus.

Remember a picture lasts a lot longer than a fried fillet. Let those big ones go! They are too precious to be caught only once.