Let It Begin — October 28, 2012

It’s that time, we are transitioning from chasing doves in the afternoon to getting after the ducks in the mornings. THEN! Going after BIG TROUT in the afternoon.

We are winding down from Cast n Blast on doves to getting ready to duck hunt in the next few weeks. To summarize our dove hunts: we collected 6 bands this year, a normal year we get one to two. Our bird hunting was excellent with most everyone that could SHOOT getting limits. All I can say is I’m tried of breasting birds every night.

Now to the fishing. The last cool front did start our trout on somewhat of a feeding spree. Problem is we are still having to wade thru numbers of 14 ½ trout to get limits. Best trout the last few weeks was a 28 1/2″ at 7 ¾ pounds. Yes she still swims the lower Laguna. Reds have been a great fill in when we are having a tuff time finding bigger trout. Lots of mid slot reds and a number of over sized.
We continue to throw top waters most days it is not blowing 30 MPH> But when it does we just change to plastic and get after them. Light colors when water stays clearer and then dark colors when it muddies up.  Lots of reds showing up on the north pocket getting ready to go to the gulf and make WHUUPY!

With the next cold front we look for the trout to just explode as with the heat we had this summer and lack of grass they stayed deeper that normally.
We have a few spaces left for duck hunting and fishing in the afternoon. It’s just about to get started for big trout. !!!!!!!
Remember keep the little ones to eat and release the big trout to pass on their better genes. The little ones taste better.