Let the Action Begin – December 17 2009

Well our second half of duck season has gotten underway with a bang. Hunting the last few days has been as good as I can ever remember. Most trips are limits or close to them for hunters who can shoot. T.D. is sleeping in the Den today just PLAIN WORN OUT!!! All I can say is he has been a real help this season. I have been off the water the last two days due to the weather. At my age I just refuse to abuse my body anymore than I have. With 25 to 35 plus MPH north winds hard rain and 40 degree temps. No way! Call me a wimp! We have had 3 plus inches of rain the last two days and it continues today. Weather folks are calling for it to lighten up later today, hope so as I have hunts and fishing lined up for this weekend.

Our fishing has been excellent except last Monday and Tuesday. I just couldn’t get on the fish we had been on. Highlight of this week before the rain started was a 6 ½ pounder not our normal winter fishing catch. This cold rain and weather has kept our water in the lower 60’s and high 50’s. We all look forward to big things anytime. We continue to use our old standby 2,000’s. I just can’t get away from them. Caught too many large trout using them.

The fish we are catching are coming from their winter time haunts. Soft bottoms near shattered grass with deep water access close by. One word: SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Nuff said!

We are catching fish mainly along the west side in 2 to 3 feet of water. But on sunny days don’t over look 1 foot as they will come up to these shallow areas to get the warmth of the sun shine.

[b]Short update: 20 Dec. 2009 Fished yesterday and had good day! 8 trout between 3 1/2 to 5 1/4 just no really big ones. Have today off for honey do's. Back on the water tomorrow , will post yesterdays photos later today. Its only going to get better! Yea Ha!!!![/b]

PLEASE remember those big trout are too precious to only be caught once. Replica.