March 22, 2006 — Blow, Blow, Blow the Man Down

Holy wind tunnel Batman; to say the spring breezes are here will be a huge understatement.  The past week has seen Laguna Madre glass followed by all the rippled water you could ever wish for.  Last Thursday and Friday offered up a phenomenal topwater bite for reds early followed up by some great trout action in deeper water on drifts.  On Thursday, if we would have boxed, we would have limited out on Reds within an hour of sunrise on bone colored top dogs worked quickly over sand pockets and not to mention a number of 'just a little short on one end' fish thrown in for fun and to keep us on our toes.

The weekend looked promising and looked like we were going to get a number of pods up shallow but I apologize to everyone on the lower Laguna Madre for bringing in the best fly fishermen of the season; and hence, bringing in the wind.  Had a great group of guys from Phoenix fly in to get their first reds on fly and wouldn't you believe it–weather report started 10 to 20 on Saturday with 15 to 25 on Saturday.  What genius in the Rio Grande Valley decided he could report the internet weather?  With 30+ mph winds Saturday and Sunday, we had to do the best we could and I got two of the four their first reds on fly.  But once again, it was the fast little guys, Bonito, coming to save the day.

Offshore action is finally starting to fire up.  We got into acres upon acres of hungry bonito and the bite was on.  I have to admit, the only way to catch these guys are on fly.  We had four other boats pressuring the schools with us throwing conventional tackle and not one boated a fish while we would hook up, land, and repeat.  Brant, you want a fast challenge I AM CALLING YOU OUT!  Jacks should be returning in large quantities any day with only a few out there right now.  Tarpon should start showing up more and more any day and we have been catching a few in certain areas but not the big mature boys April through September produce.

For this week, follow the birds.  There is definitely a shrimp hatch starting to produce just not in great numbers yet we would like to see.  After a full blown hatch, start looking for the birds working the top and reds working the bottom.  Right now, if you see a bird, or a number of birds just sitting on the water—ATTACK.  They are sitting on fish.

Start walking and building up those back muscles for wading this summer.  If indications prove truthful, this is going to be one of the best years on record for redfish.  Tight lines monkeys and get wet!