March 26, 2003 — TROPHY TROUT TIME

Trophy Trout Season officially kicked off last week!  Early last week Greg Cortez of Bay City caught a 32 inch trout with a 16 inch girth on one day and followed up with a 30 inch trout that had a 15 inch girth the next day.  Both fish were caught on Black and Chartreuse She Dogs in 2 to 3 foot of water.  Greg proudly released both fish alive and well to fight another day. Not to be outdone by Greg, Zane Swope of Houston topped off last week with a 32 inch trout that had a 17 inch girth.  The trout weighed 11.22 pounds on a certified scale.  Zane’s trophy was caught on a bone and chartreuse Texas Trout Killer in 3 foot of water.  Zane was guided by Get-A-Way-Adventures Lodge guide Ted Springer.  After much thought and discussion Zane elected to mount the trophy of a lifetime.  Hats off to Greg and Zane for their great fishing ability and their commitment to conservation.  Photos of these fish can be viewed on the “Photos” page.