March 27, 2005 — North, South, Hot, Cold, Dirty, Clear, High to LOWWWW!!!

Winds from every degree of the compass, temperatures from 50 degrees to 85 degrees, Brown Tide to Semi clear water, Low tides to full spring tides. Faced with these conditions we have been forced to change patterns almost daily.  That pretty much sums up March for us.

Until today, we were excited as we have had a good south to south east breeze which brought clearer water in from the Gulf, and most importantly higher tides. This is the spring equinox we should be having bull high tides but as we get additional water in from the Gulf, here comes another front and blows it out. Once we get these higher tides we will see our water clear substantially. The brown tide event we are currently experiencing has had an impact on our fishing techniques. Sometimes forcing long runs south. We had this event much worse in the early 90’s and dealt with it.

Reds continue to hold along the sand and grass edges in 1 to 2 feet. Spoons and top waters have been the lures of choice. Mid month conditions and catch rates were some what off. But as we got new water the reds started a spring bite. Small top waters in chartreuse and gold have worked best. Most reds have been upper slot with a number of oversized released.

Trout have started their move and the spawn is starting. Capt. Ted fooled a 28″ plus last week but the larger fish have been eluding us so far. Mid-sized trout have been the norm the last few weeks. Look for a BIG BITE with the new higher water.

Starting Monday after Easter we will be on the water continually everyday until Memorial weekend. With 4 to 6 guides fishing daily it will not take long to establish areas and the best patterns for getting a shot at that trophy trout. Our most consistent lure of choice has been soft plastics. One NOTE: with our off-color water we are throwing soft plastic with big paddle tails. Remember the paddle tail will throw off more vibration than regular tails. The extra vibration helps the fish hone into the bait. Our split ring and swivel jig heads with their rattle also are a benefit in adding additional sound for the fish to key into. The fish are in the same areas we fish every year at this time just remember even with the off color conditions they still have eat.