March 28,2004 — WIND/WIND/ and MORE WIND

Constant 20 plus MPH Winds have continually blown the last 15 days. Despite this our Capt’s. continue to catch fish. Last week was trying for everyone but this last Friday the fish decided yes its spring and lets eat. Capt. Charlie and Ted have been able to put clients on limits of 15 to 20 inch trout with and occasional 25 inch plus. Reds have turned on again in the shallows taking small top waters. A number of oversize reds have been caught and released. Our best patterns have been windy shorelines where the bait has been concentrated. Purple Chartreuse and bone continue to be the soft plastics of choice. The past few days the trout began a feed but the pattern was a slow presentation fished in the potholes. The buck trout have moved to the outside edge of the grass in anticipation of the spawn. Look for heavy spawn just after the approaching full moon. Remember sand and gravel pockets in heavy grass on wind blown shorelines will be the spots of choice for most spawners.

With our water going from 62 to 73 degrees in less than a week, this radical change really confused the fish, but with it now stabilized look for the spawn to get going. We look for the BIG FISH to show up from now till the spawn slows down in later May. A big top water fished over these potholes will be the bait of choice.

Foot Note, after 11 weeks on crutches I am finally getting back in the water next week, and will be posting reports biweekly. Also we will be launching our new web site next week and would appreciate your comments on contents. If our efforts were correct it will be one of the most informative sites in around the Lower Laguna Madre.