March 30, 2006 — Consistency Blows!

Alright, consistency actually rocks when it is a consistent bite, consistent good fortune, even a consistent good night's sleep, but when consistency consists of a 25+ mph wind, well, with the consistent tinnitus ringing in your ears and permanent look of an eighties wind-blown feathered hair cut consistency can down right suck.  Although the wind has been howling and the water has the consistency of chocolate milk, fish have been all over the place.  Alright, fish have been in consistent areas, it makes our job of finding them on a consistent basis fairly easy.  Dad seems to have a consistent bead on the trout and I have been consistently catching reds and have a fairly consistent bite on bonito and jacks.  The most amazing part of this…I have used the word consistent or a derivation on consist 15 times in this opening paragraph.  Now you know why wind consistently sucks (16).

Trout have consistently been in waters knee to waist deep and are consistently been striking pumpkintruese and dark purple plastics.  A consistent trout bite on topwaters has proven to be a consistent challenge.  Just keep in mind the consistent warm weather and deep water wading is just around the corner.

Reds have consistently been hitting flies and topwaters in very shallow water.  Have to find protected areas to get a consistent bite, but once you do you will be rewarded consistently.  Just remember to consistently watch the birds and start watching the shorelines for consistent podding action.  (26 if your keeping count)

Be safe this weekend since we a re under a consistent Small Craft Advisory all weekend.  Check the weather before you leave the dock