March 8,2005 — Port Mansfield Wind & Reds

Capt. Frank Vasquez had the opportunity to fish David (SCA FAME) and his wonderful daughter Cheryl. They found good reds on the sand in about 1 to 2 feet of water during the middle of the day. Lures of choice were gold spoons fished slowly over the sand. These reds were south of town and cruising the grass and sand edges. Capt. Frank said Cheryl put on a clinic in red fishing. Upon David’s return to Houston I will get photos posted of their trip. Lynn did land 1 red in excess of 30 inches before losing a larger one.

With our contained outbreak of Brown Tide he had to run a little further south to find clear water. To clarify, yes we have a slight outbreak of Brown Tide but it is not as bad as what was experienced in the early 90’s. Biologists feel we could see it dissipate before summer. If not we will have to deal with it. Having 6 to 8 guides on the water daily will help us scout out the fish and find clear water.

Our water is close to reaching the magic 70-degree mark so look for the large trout to make their move to the sand and gravel pockets on windy shorelines, in preparation to spawn