May 1, 2005 — The North Wind Just Can’t Stay Away!!!!!!

Our weather is still confusing as HECK. Just when we think we are in a spring wind pattern here comes a howling North Wind. Sat. saw STRONG NORTH WINDS making everyone run for cover. Prior to the north winds our fish were responding with a solid bite.  This past week saw my good friend Cappy Ricks catch his lifetime Trout. Yes she is going to the Taxidermist. Hooked too deep for a release. Our trout bite has been a real effort to stay on them and be consistent. We did catch and release a number of middle class 22” plus trout this past week. These fish are staging along shallow grass beds next to gravel and sand pockets. We have been having a small top water bite but soft plastics seem to be the bait of choice. Look for the top waters to rise to the top with new water coming in from the Gulf. Bone soft plastics and roach have been our best producers. Small top waters, spook jr. and spiting images when they want to eat on top. The reds continue to work beneath the birds. If you see birds on or near the water STOP there is reds under them. Reds continue to hold south of town in the skinny water. If you don’t have shallow water vessel don’t try it. An airboat to pull you free will cost $300.00 plus! Reds are also holding on the north and south flats near the East cut. Small top waters and roach have been the best baits.

On a personal note, our son-in-law Capt. Mike Aydell lost his valiant fight against leukemia Tuesday evening April 26, 2005. Please keep our daughter Stephanie and our grand daughter Paige in your prayers. This only reinforces, enjoy every moment God gives you on this earth as you never know when you’ll be called.