What can be more frustrating after nine days of continuous 25 plus M.P.H. winds? Try putting together a large swing set for the granddaughter with the wrong instructions provided! After fishing the last nine days in howling winds, and the aggravation of putting together a swing set for the granddaughter WITHOUT instructions, myself and son in-law took a few hours off and went fishing. He wanted to take some fillets back to Houston so as we left the Harbor, as usual the wind was 20 M.P.H. plus.

We found the fish along the edge of the I.C.W. in about 5 to 6 foot of water. By our choice of plastics it was obvious they were on a feed. The trout were feeding on small baitfish and the birds pinpointed them for us. This only goes to show fish don’t always follow what is written about them and their habits. The fish are currently in the middle of the spawn and should be holding in 2 to 3 foot of water in the sand and gravel pockets, not on the edge of the I.C.W. But never pass up feeding gulls, as they will be on the bait as well as the fish. I used my standard Bone T.T.K. Michael used a Purple Chartreuse T.T.K. on quarter ounce jig heads. It only took a short time for us to harvest a few 16 to 18 inch trout for his return trip to Houston.

This past week end provided some excellent action on redfish south of P.M. Gold spoons were the ticket, fished in 1 to 2 ‘ feet of water. The trout were somewhat harder to come by but persistence paid off as a few good trout were caught. Again as usual Bone T.T.K.s were the bait of choice. We continue to catch flounder on most trips and this is shaping up to be another good year for flounder. Once our weather settles out to our summer patterns look for the top water bait to really take off.