May 18, 2003 — Wind, Wind and Reds

After almost three weeks of 20 M.P.H. plus winds the pattern may have changed today. We awoke this morning with Old Glory not standing straight out like it was starched. Hopefully we can now get into our regular wind patterns.  Capt. Ted Springer and I  hosted a group of Hard Core Grinders this past weekend. These gentlemen may be builders and such, but when it comes to fishing nothing stands in their way. Even with 25 plus M.P.H. winds, thru their continued efforts we all were able to boat some very respectable reds, trout and three BIGGG Flounder.

Reds were caught in 1 to 3 feet of water on soft plastic Texas Trout Killers. (Bone Chartreuse, Purple chartreuse) Our trout and flounder were also caught on the same baits. With the wind like it was we were unable to fish the areas we had previously been catching fish, but by shear patience and perseverance all were able to take some very good fillets back for the family. The highlight of my group was the landing of two 27 7/8 inch reds, and a flounder near 4 pounds. Each of the two days we were able to land both reds and a few trout. The flounder continue to be a part of each days catch. It will only get better and we should have a flounder fishery as good as last year.

Capt. Frank had an additional group from Austin and surrounding area. Seems like this group was able to get Capt. Frank to talk to them or they was going to leave him 25 miles south of the Port. Capt. Franks' group scored very well on reds using gold spoons. They also boated some very respectable trout along with flounder.

If the wind pattern is truly changed look for our top water bite to take off and fishing will only get better. With the approaching new moon look for our trout on hold in the sand and gravel pockets in 2 to 5 feet of water. A Bone T.T.K. should be the bait of choice, as well as bone Top Dogs. The reds continue to patrol 1 to 3 feet of water along the sand and grass lines both east and west sides.

As soon as I figure out how to save a single frame from a digital camera movie I will be posting some additional photos from these trips. Seems I work a rod and reel better than use a digital camera.