May 27, 2006 — And now, for a Break in the Action….

Wow, so this is what a break feels like!  We have been absolutely slammed; however, can not really say we have been slamming the fish.  Offshore is absolutely on fire with a number of double digit Snappers brought in, a ton of jacks and bonito for my fly rodders, a couple of poon's, and the slow quiet return of dad's pet king fish.

So, what did I do on my first day off?  I went fishing.  Unfortunately, this is the third weekend in a row the bay is inundated with tournament fishermen.  Absolutely boats everywhere, running over every structure and using waders as slalom poles.  Appears to be no breaks in sight for local anglers or fish alike.  A tournament every weekend as far out as we can see.  Last Saturday, in one of my favorite holes, which can hold three boats on a good day, we had 7 boats come in and drift and wade around us.  Luckily the fish were tight, we did not move 25 yards and landed 7 upper to over-sized reds and a 27 and 30 inch trout. And such is how the fishing has been.  A few days on, a few days off.

Schooly trout are out on the drops in titty deep water with the big girls holding in knee to tops of the feet water.  She-pups have been deadly effective all day in the shallow stuff and cajun pepper out deep.  Has been fun fishing when the fish decide to turn on, usually sometime around Tuesday thru Thursday when they don't have a prop or jet ski blowing overhead.

Reds have been saving at least my bacon.  Early strong bite from roughly daylight until 9:30 all on top down south.  If I kept on my boat every morning would have landed a limit for my charters.  Some days they tail…others they just lay in the grass…have to have belief they are there.

As we spend more and more time offshore, look for some great pictures and fish.  Two guarantees from the soon to be Christened Wind Knot 22:  let me go Rasheed on your backsides…a World Record Bull Shark on Fly and three state records.  DO YOU WANT TO DO IT?