May 29, 2003 — Nutter Butter Cookies, Chips Ahoy and Ye Haw

had the pleasure to fish a friend and his six-year-old son yesterday. It’s amazing how one is put in their place when conditions are right and you can stand back and see the big picture. More about this later. Due to Rocky only being 4 foot tall we were forced to remain on the boat and drift. Those who know me know how I much prefer to wade than drift.

As we had been on the fish for the last week I was confident we would get Rocky hooked up! It only took three casts for me to hand the rod over to my mate. He promptly put an 18-inch trout in the cooler.  As I watched Capt. Ted Springer and his party land keeper trout after keeper trout I felt cheated not being able to get out and wade with them! (I felt trapped with my young mate) Not long after that thought, Rocky looked up and said Capt. I have never had this much fun in my life! Its truly amazing what a set of six year old eyes lit up like Christmas trees will do to an Old Guide. From that point on it didn’t matter how many fish we wouldn’t catch bring forced to drift, it was just about how excited Rocky would get with each tug on the line. After he landed a number of keeper trout he said that’s enough for dinner for Dad, Mom, sister, and me lets let the others go. He ended the day catching a number of keeper trout and two reds, which he said, pulled like Red Trains. Pictures of Rocky will be posted this evening on our photo page.

I always felt I promoted Take a Kid Fishing but until today I truly did not know the rewards of those big brown eyes lit up and shaking from excitement of a trout on the end of their lines. Take the time and show the youth of today there is a big outdoor world out there and computer games can’t match the real thing.

Capt. Ted and his party ended their day with good solid trout and a few reds. Our fish came on Bone T.T.K. and top waters. Chug Bugs and Top Dogs in chrome and silver along with bone were the color of choice. With the wind laying down in the mornings now we finally have a solid top water bite going. The trout are holding in the grass in about 3 to 4 foot of water, with shattered reds.