May 8, 2005 — WIND, WIND, BUT!!! We Have Water!!!!!

We found the fish along the edge of the I.C.W. in about 5 to 6 foot of water. The trout are feeding on small baitfish and shrimp, the birds pinpointed them for us. If you notice a current cast up current and let your bait swing into the grass along the edges. Most of the better trout we are catching are coming utilizing this pattern. Most trout we are catching now are BUTTER BALL FAT. But never pass up feeding gulls, as they will be on the bait as well as the fish. Glow Chartreuse and bone has been our soft bait of choice. We just can’t get a good top water bite going, one day great the next just swirls. Excellent action on redfish south of P.M. with gold spoons fished in 1 to 2 ‘feet of water. Reds continue to dominate catches if people want continual action. If you want good trout bite we have to work for them but they are there. We continue to catch flounder on most trips and this is shaping up to be another good year for flounder. Finally after below normal tides we got our water back last week. The addition of fresh CLEAR Gulf Water has done much to clear our Bay System. East winds caused us some problems last week but now it looks as if south and south east will be the norm. Look for all species to take off and work the new flooded areas. Once our weather settles out to our summer patterns look for the top water bait to really take off.