Menhaden Issue – Action Required: Please help!

When the Omega Protein corporation goes fishing for menhaden in the Gulf of Mexico, they don't bring just a rod and bait. Their highly industrialized operation involves planes to spot schools of menhaden and giant vacuum ships to suck them out of the Gulf. And too often wildlife like turtles, dolphins and sharks get sucked up right with them. In fact, an estimated one million pounds of ocean wildlife “bycatch” get crushed and killed in this process.

[b][color=red]TheTexas Parks and Wildlife Commission has rightly proposed new standards to protect the Gulf from the dangers of factory fishing of menhaden,[/color] [/b] and more than x of you sent comments to them in support.[b][color=red] But Omega Protein (the largest menhaden company) has hired high-powered lobbyists to try to get Governor Perry to intervene and stop the new protections.[/color][/b]

[b][color=red]Please call Governor Perry at 1-800-252-9600[b][color=red][/color][/b] and tell himyou support the Parks and Wildlife proposal and want it strengthened, not weakened.[/color] [/b]
Here's a sample message you can leave:

“Hello, my name is ____ and I live in _____, Texas. I support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission proposal to cap the amount of menhaden (note – pronounced MEN-HAY-DEN) that can be taken from Texas waters. Please make sure the proposal also includes adding marine scientists to the fleet to count and limit the amount of bycatch that is caught.”
Thanks to J. Dean for this bullet point!