Monsoon — September 30, 2010

What can I say but! Rain, rain and more rain! In the last 3 weeks we have had in excess of 15 inches of rain. We are again fishing fresh water. Luckily our fish have grown accustomed to the fresh water and continue to bite.

With all the fresh water in the bay the fish are grouped tightly. Classic point, just last week 3 of us went to one area and one group out of 3 had a red letter day with both good trout and reds. Two of us caught fish but not to the level the other boat did. What’s that old saying LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION! Just because you are not catching fish along an area with lots of bait just keep moving and you will walk into them. We have currents of fresh water running thru the bay. If you’re wading and walk into a cooler stream of water more than likely its FRESH!

The last 3 weeks we have had a number of 27” plus trout caught and released. Between rain storms we have been throwing both top waters and soft plastics. Bone, chartreuse, and clown have been the top water color of choice. Plastics have been Cajun pepper, bone, chartreuse as our best bets to score.

We are finding reds and trout both mixed together when we get into them.

If you are after just trout drive the bay and look for birds. Plenty of small trout under the birds chasing shrimp. I will repeat myself with the bait we have in our bay now: winter time will be unbelievable on weights we should see!!!!!!!!

Our Cast n blasts are in full swing with us dodging rain storms and dealing with impassable roads. We have some fields along the river that the birds have not had a shot fired at them. JUST TOO MUDDY to walk 1 or more miles into them.

The fields we have near paved roads have not let us down, but we really look forward to the back field shoots. Most guests that can shoot are getting quick limits and others are getting plenty of shooting. It has not rained today so hopefully our groups this weekend and early next week will hunt virgin fields.

We still space left for cast n blast duck hunts looks to be excellent hunting this year.

Remember keep the smaller trout and release the bigger ones, they just taste better.