My Turn — June 4, 2009

We are still catching big fish, kind of odd for this time of year. Within the last week, we have caught and released 9 over 25”. Yours truly has had a 27” and 29”, but as usual, Poppy tops me with an even 30” weighing in at 8 ¾ pounds.
All but one day out of the past 8 have we not had easy limits for those wishing to keep fish. It continues to hold up and all we can hope is it only gets better.
Trout have now moved to their summer patterns on the outside edge of the grass. Strange thing: we still are managing a few in shallow water along the inside grass sand line. Small top waters and Cajun pepper on LIGHT jig heads when fishing with jigs is the go to bait.

Reds continue to get their backs sun burned, they are so SHALLOW! Spoons and small top waters have been working well.

All I can say is we are finding fish both north and south, seems almost nutz that they are so easy to pattern. Our bay is just full of fish. The wind fans have stopped and the bay is responding with CLEAR-CLEAR Water, we have not seen this type of water for years. Times it is too clear and we look for the mud lines when we do get a little wind. We should have some of our missing grass renew which will only help keep the bay clear.

I will be fishing offshore for the next few days so hope to share some tarpon photos. Kings have already showed up as well and S. Macks. Should soon see the schools of bull reds in the surf as well.

Folks, keep what you can eat and release those big ones for our future. It’s getting BETTER!