New to boating/ fishing in South Texas

I am new to fishing/boating>  I just got a new boat to take out my kids fishing.  I had some prior boating experience, but not extensive.  Specially in the Lower Laguna Madre area.  I am curious to know if there are any guides or anyone in general with fair amount of experience and craft willing to spend a weekend with me aboard my boat giving me a beginner's introduction to fishing and navigating South Texas' bay waters.  I am willing to pay for the service as well as inccur all boating expenses.  I own a boat that I believe will get us to most places on the bay with the exeption of perhaps the shallowest back bays that only a small scooter type boat or kayak can access.  I own a Shoalwater 21 Cat, with a 150 E-tech engine.  Boat has trim tabs, push pole, jack plate, etc.  The ideal person would be of course someone with a similar boat configuration so that the boat capabilities and limitations can be explored as well. 
Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance, and I look forward to any sugestions or comments. 
Have a great day fellows.  🙂