Non fishing report! OR Humble pie! — March 10, 2007

How do you follow a report like last month, with Big Girls everywhere??? Well you get a day off before the Holder Fishing Show so you go with your best friend (Capt. Ted) fun fishing. I wish I could report we dropped anchor and started catching big trout but it just didn’t happen as easy as the previous week. After hitting our two best spots we were disappointed to say the least, we could only catch 15 to 19” trout, just NO BIG ONES!

After looking for better than two hours we decided to try an area that usually produces good trout but later in the year. As I pulled up to the area it looked as if it was a WOOD STOCK EVENT for mullet. Before I could get the anchor out, (seems my boat beach Capt. Ted) was too fried up and he made a cast before I dropped it. Well as most butt lickings go he immediately hooks up with an upper slot red. Had I not been ready he would have beat me into the water, but this OLD FAT BOY was ready and made it in first! He released his red and before I got 20 feet from the boat I hooked up on a 29” 7#er. You know I couldn’t leave well enough alone and I started trash talking him on his ability to catch those saltwater grass carp, in lieu of trout! After a few photos and moving another 20 feet Capt. Ted bows up on a 29” weighing in at 7 ¼#, at this point I was still feeling petty good. Again a few photos and onward we went, mullet jumping everywhere. Well as you know he again bows up on a good trout, this one 29 ½” 7 ½#

NOW! He had my attention and started this what did you say about grass carp??? Photos and a little humble pie we waded for another 30 minutes without a strike so I went back to the boat for a bottle of water. No sooner had I got to the boat than he makes his normal statement “Well Shaittttttt” I knew I was in deep trouble at this time, in lieu of walking back to him for photos I pulled the anchor and idled up to him. Boy did I get an ear full for starting the motor. I must say it was short lived as we weighed her and the boga read 8 ¾# and she was 31” just plain skinny! I then hollered Capt. Ted you’re the best and kicked my butt today!!! All I can say my starting the motor did a number on the Big Trout we did not get another bite after my stupid blunder! We decided to call it quits and get ready for the Holder Show.
With the week we were off for the Holder and 4 days of remodeling demanded by Momma Getaway we are about to finally start back up flat out with fishing everyday until Easter Sunday. We will be back on schedule with posting reports.

Also I must report with a sad heart, one of our dear friends and guide who worked with us passed away on 3/9/07.
Capt. Delmar Long    Friend, may god bless you and your family with kind seas and his loving strength. We’ll all miss you.