November 2, 2005 — GO TEAM GO!

Well the Astro's once again broke our hearts and left us wishing for another year.  Let's hope Drayton and Pupura can build a team for next year that can get us back to the dance and ready to win.  With my beloved baseball season over, I have to start cheerleading for my other favorite pastimes; college basketball and fishing.  Since basketball season is still a few weeks off, I guess I will have to write a few fight songs for the fishery.  Any suggestions for tunes out there.  GO FRONT GO!

With the advent of our winter pattern, hopefully, predictable fishing patterns should return within the next few days.  Bay fishing has been a chore on somedays and incredible on others.  A few 28+ inch trout have been taken in the last few days and I was lucky enough to sight cast to a 27 inch beauty three casts after landing an impressive and fat 26 inch red.  The big girl was the healthiest trout I have seen in a few weeks.  As most that have fished with us and those that post honest reports can attest, our trout the last few months have been very emaciated and willing to give up the fight very quickly.  Not sure what we can attribute it to.  However, weather patterns and systems have been very delayed this year, jacks just entered the bay in great numbers last week and the big bull reds that were entering are still showing reluctance to enter the cut.  Surf fishing and the jetties have been incredibly productive and fun, but with great swell action combat fishing is the easiest way to describe the approach.

For the fly guys, poppers have worked on little trout and world class skipjack worked along grasslines.  Once finding reds, any thing buggy seems to be driving them absolutely crazy.  Put it on their nose and hold on.  Conventional fisherman should be trying salt & pepper tails and bone colored top waters.  Slow the dog and work every grassline a few times.  Snook have been rampant along the shore line so when trying to sight cast reds and trout up shallow keep a look out for these guys.  But please, practice catch and release.  We have landed a ton of snook this year and they appear to making a resurging comeback; let's make sure we can help them repopuat the entire lagoon.

Deer season is fast approaching and we will be spending more of our days at the ranch rather than the lodge.  If you need a meat hunt we have to get rid of 90 does this year, Three doe and one night lodging only $400.  Same service you get from the lodge. We also have hogs, nilgai, management, and trophy bucks.  Give me a call and reserve you spot now.