November 23, 2005 — Gobble, Gobble!

They call pork the other white meat.  HHMMM..that leaves me to ponder what turkey is.  Are all poultry lumped into the same monochromatic meat color or is our fine bearded friend an entire meat class on his own?  Will Terrell Owens make a triumphant return to battle out the season with Donovan McNabb and the beleaguered Eagles?  Is the diet you start after the holidays a viable  excuse for taking up ten pieces of pecan pie, four helpings of that canned gelatinous goo called cranberry sauce, half a turkey, and more heavenly ham than could feed an army?  These are few questions to ponder and save the world with as we move into the holiday season.  Just remember, after all is said and done trophy trout season starts and you have to hump that extra 8 to 9 pounds through knee deep mud and freezing water.

So, while most of the known nation will be gorging and slothing this weekend, I will be keeping a tight bead on the abundant fish nearshore and in the bay.  Bonito, kingfish, shark, and jack fish are still tearing up the near shore action with a few tarpon making their leisurely return south.  The pelagics are hungry and very active this time of year and readily annihilate any fly you can get in front of them.  Trout are finally turning on and seem to have moved to very remote spots not commonly fished this time of year.  Topwater bites are magnificent and explosive so get out there and have some fun. 

Redfish have started their winter tailing action and podding strongly in the mid morning and afternoon.  My favorite tailing spots are going off and offering some great sight casting potential to make up for he slow slow months of September and October.  As the ongoing them has been, things started a little late this year but mother nature is getting herself righted.

Finally, I made a national magazine so please check out the article in Shallowwater Angler Magazine.  My first article in SWA will be in the next couple of months so keep your eyes open.  I am really looking forward to working with the guys at SWA and most notably good friend Terry Gibson, fellow surfer and fly fishing fanatic.  Until then, enjoy and have a safe Thanksgiving Weekend and stay away from the jello mold!