November 5, 2006 — “Wow…November”

What happened to Oct? Seems I lost an entire month! What can I say, but Fall Feeding Frenzy! With back to back groups last month seems I lost track of time, not a bad deal! Problem is our fishing was good one day mediocre the next. With our 3 rd if you want to call it norther, the fish are trying to respond.

Yes I did give away a number of rods for trout over 25” being released. KNOW WHAT? not one person has expressed regret in releasing the larger trout. As Momma Getaway has said: looks like my conservation message (PREACHING) is not just preaching on my part: but has many opening their eyes to keeping the smaller (Better eating) and letting the sows go. Enough preaching!!!!!

Our trout have started their move to inside of the grass and started looking for more to eat as we approach winter. We are currently catching them near the mud banks with access to deep water but also sand guts dropping to deeper water. With our traffic down, some of the trout are returning to areas we haven’t seen them since early last spring. Do not let anyone tell you that our increased traffic has not relocated our trout to places we have never seen them before. This to avoid being stepped on or run over by a prop! Our basic pattern has been find the bait and the better trout are somewhere near. Small top waters and soft plastics have been the most effective. Dark baits on those dark days or muddy water and lighter baits when fishing clear skies and clear water.

Reds! What can you say but watch for the birds and wakes in shallow water. Soft plastics, gold spoons and small top waters have been the top 3 for us. If you catch a red make sure your fishing buddy makes a follow up cast near where you got yours. We are getting numerous multi-hook ups when we get into them.

12 state and 2 IGFA world record offshore fly fishing records for the kid (Capt. Brandon) and his clients. Seems the kid has the offshore fly fishing going his way. One exceptional record they broke last week was a 5’ barracuda on a WHIPPY STICK ( fly rod) I just can’t comprehend how to handle a 5’ barracuda on a fly rod. I won’t steel his thunder but hopefully he will update our web site detailing his exploits on his quest to set new records this year.

We are currently doing a complete rework on our web site and hope to launch it within a month. More photos, lodge pictures, tips and interactive figures and a MUCH MORE EFFIECENT fishing reports program. Seems Momma Getaway wants her new swimming pool shown on the site along with a number of other changes she has had me working on.

Please keep our Capt. Dan and Joyce in your prayers.