October 2, 2005 — It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ah, sounds like the refrains from a Christmas Carol.  October is typically the month to usher in cooler waters, lighter winds, and more active fish.  But man is it hot, the fish are still following SUMMER patterns, and that witch Mother Nature decides to give us a good blow everyday.  But I do have good news….I saved a lot on my car insurance.  No not really, insurers are sticking it to us to.  Sorry, Chris and all the insurers that fish with us…but since I was active in the business I can get away with a couple of jabs.

With fishing being hectic and the down time created by Rita and Katrina, you can see I have added some very interesting changes to our website.  The 2006 Costa Rica/Nicaragua trip has been finalized and looking forward to taking 40 of you guys down to fish with us.  We only have a few slots left open so please book as soon as possible.  Click here for more details!  Also, do to popular demand, I finally got the Port Mansfield Fishing Forum up and running.  You guys asked for it and I delivered, albeit a little longer than I would have liked ……but hey there are some fish out there to be caught.  Please login in and register; the forum is yours and nothing is taboo.  However, I will be moderating for naughty words and bashing.  Port Mansfield Fishing Forum!  Finally, with the shameless marketing, I will be presenting a lecture on stalking Jacks, Tarpon, and Kings on Fly for the Montgomery Flyrodders Association on Thursday the 6th at 7 PM at the Gander Mountain on the north side of town off of 45 in Houston.  Please feel free to come in a say hello.

Now back to the fishing!  Unfortunately, yes, the rumors are true.  We have an outbreak of the red tide.  I guess there is a reason Mother Nature is so testy these days.  There has been a slight fish kill; however, all effects have been limited to the jetties and the more interior reaches of the East Cut.  Trout and Red fishing are not being negatively affected either North or South.  With water temperatures bound to drop in the next few weeks the Laguna is safe and we have not seen a dead fish 5 feet outside of the Cut.

Tarpon have been everywhere and I have jumped 9 in the last three days landing 2 and missing a very large 6 to 7 footer that decided to spit the hook after 15 minutes.  I love the little devils though and cannot wait to get down to Nicaragua and catch some big brothers.

North of the port has witnessed the best fishing over the last few days with reds podding in knee to ankle deep water.  Spoons and topwaters have been the lures of choice for both conventional tackle and fly tackle.  Fish have been head down in the grass so make sure to rattle things up, or place something heavy enough in front of them to get their attention.

Trout have been in waist to neck deep water holding along grass edges.  Dark colors have been the colors of choice with a great AM topwater bite.  Sadly, no large trout to report this week.  22 seemed to be the ceiling but with the erratic weather and water conditions that is the best to be expected.

Bird hunting has been exceptional and top dog is already worn out.  Has bee a great year so far and can only remain the same.  For those that can shoot a weapon, most limits are being taken within an hour.  So load up and get out there.  Preliminary scouting for deer hunts has been heartening.  A number of mature 140-150's have been located and ready to go.  Give us a call if you are interested in a great buck on bow or rifle.