October 27, 2005 — Finally a Real Cool Front!!!!

After continued dismal fishing conditions the past two weeks: a BRIGHT SPOT!!!! With the arrival of our first real cool front the fish seem to have responded.  Can’t remember going into the last of Oct. with 80 degree water temps but the fish sure didn’t like it. Though not stellar conditions but a marked improvement in not only catches rates but the condition of our fish. The trout we have caught this week all seem to have full bellies and are starting a fall feed. If it stays in the seasonal temp range we look for a real fall feed to start. Following the front we couldn’t get a good top water bite going but I am still throwing Spook Jrs. And skittlwalks in bone and chartreuse. Guess I’m just hardheaded and like the BLOW UPS!  Look for the top waters to take off and the trout to be on the prowl in 2 to 3 foot of water. Look for the bait and you will find the fish. Soft plastics in red and green along with bone in the clearer water has produced a solid bite. We are fishing both north and south of the port for both species. Anywhere you see small bait if you will prowl around you will find the trout. Like I said the bite should be taking off this week and all will see a marked improvement in the fishery. Reds are still 6” to 3 feet of water in the sand. The jetties are still producing good bull red activity in rough surf conditions. When we can get outside of the jetties the surf and near coast action has been hot. Get ready for the flat fish to make their run to the Gulf. Flounder fishing should also be a bonus due to the cooling water temps. Looked like the Red Tide event has dissipated. Glad to report we did not have a major kill. Our bird hunting has also responded to the cooler temps. Though not limits for all but plenty of shooting and misses. FOOT NOTE:  We know we get a bad rap here in the Port for negative fishing reports but we refuse to mislead our guests and those who follow our reports. If you have a good catch feel free to e-mail us or post on our fishing forum. Its there to keep everyone up to date on our fishing and Port Mansfield conditions. We still have a number of management/cull bucks and a BUNCH of does we need to take from the ranch. Our trips to Central America in March are filling up fast if you have an interest please e-mail Brandon to assure you a spot.