October 9, 2005 — Fall…Finally

Man, for a while there it appeared that Mother Nature had reinvented herself into Eddie Murphy's Aunt Bunny that if you recall from Delirious took 15 minutes to fall down a flight of stairs.  Well, Mother Nature finally fell ushering in clean clear water, cool temperatures, and finally a decent fish bite.  The 30 to 40 mile an hour winds we received with our recent cold front has apparently turn the tide as you would say of the red tide.  No more tickled throats and itchy eyes at the jetties and the dying fish in the surf have seemingly disappeared.  Let's cross our fingers and hope Mother Nature has returned to herself!

Fishing conditions were dismal to say the least to start the week.  Grind all day with five boats and incredible fishermen should have produced better results but even our best efforts only resulted in a number of throw backs and trash fish.  Huge Ladyfish were everywhere so you could at least get your lined pulled.  The beginning of the week saw a couple of landed and RELEASED Tarpon, a few really good snook, and tons of piggy's on top water.  General consensus is they were trying to mate the topwater rather than eat it.

Thursday ushered in our first real cold front and absolutely turned the fish on.  Limits of reds and trout to those boats that keep fish.  Reds are finally podding in numbers that are typically indicative of early October late September.  Trout are still finicky and holding in fairly deep water but should be moving up on the flats soon so look for some excellent sight casting opportunities and great trophy trout days.  Landed an number of 27 + From Friday until today. 

Other than that, white wing have been absolutely insane with numbers of limits taken daily.  Deer season is fast approaching and so is the NLCS.  Let's hope the Astros go a lot further than game 7 this year.  Also, do not forget to login and sign up for our Port Mansfield Fishing Forum.