Offshore and Bay Enlightened — August 1, 2012

As per the title, pick your poison, both offshore and the bay has come alive. Offshore has been the easiest option the last few weeks as the seas have calmed down and we are getting off just about everyday. Plenty of top water king action with outstanding state water snapper fishing. For those who don’t know it, our state water snapper fishing never closes and we are allowed to keep 4 per angler. As a reminder, these are state water fish and summer patterns so: don’t expect 20# fish, but plenty of 3 to 10 pounders.
Also near shore fishing has come alive as well, BUT we are having somewhat of a tougher time finding our Tarpon. We have had a number of shots but not like a typical summer. Go figure. But I feel once they show up it will be similar to two years ago with 6 to 7 fish days. I’ll keep you posted.

    Now on to the bay, our bay fishing has been inconsistent but when we get on the fish it’s excellent. We are seeing unbelievable pressure this year and can only hope these folks respect the fishery and release those bigger trout being caught on croakers. Our fishery is too good to rape for a few hero photos with 28 to 30 inch fish. They are our best genetics and everyone should want to see them pass on their genes. No preaching but many of you can remember 4 years ago when it took catching 75 trout to be able to find 3 to 4 small keepers. Lets all work to preserve the great fishery we now have, and keep the smaller fish to eat and release the larger.
  Our best fish last week was a nice 29” 7.5#. The guest who caught her remarked WOW!!! Also to note he had only salt water fished once in his life! But he released her after photos and then said “boy those fish can fight”!!!! Our go to baits continue to be small light colored top waters and lighter colored soft plastics. The better trout are being caught deep and very shallow before all the boats start burning the shore lines and cruising the shallows. Our better reds continue to hold in deeper water as well. All I can say this has been a strange year, as we all feel the crowds we are seeing everyday are forcing our fish deeper to get away from props and all the folks.
Cast and blast starts in a few weeks and should you wish to hunt with us you best call soon as we only have a few open weekend dates available.
Watch our photo section for some great offshore photos and hopefully tarpon shots. As always keep the little ones and release the bigger ones top pasts on their genes.