Pop Gets Wake Up Call!

I thought I would thwart the rumor mill before it gets started and answer the ton of emails I have already recieved.

First and foremost, Pop's is officially okayed by the Cardiologist.  He recieved a little angioplasty yesterday and got two stints :-[ placed in his left descending heart artery and will be back on the water in 7 days.  His procedure was textbook, besides a little urinating on his 20 something year old nurse ;D, and he is already as honery as ever.  Final words from the doctor, and I am laughing on this one “Mr. Shuler, you need to lose a little weight.”

Open letter to dad, “I cut my hair; your turn tohold up the bargain!” 😉

Please forward any sympathy, for mom, me and Ashley, to [email]brandon@getawayadventureslodge.com[/email], or to dad at [email]bruce@getawayadventureslodge.com[/email].
Or, i am sure he would love to hear from a few of you guys.  956.944.4000.

Once again, thanks again for the words of encouragement and thoughts and we look forward to seeing you all soon