Quit whining! You fish just like a GIRL!!! — February 24, 2009


Last weekend was our first all ladies event for this year. I can assure you the above cliché’ will not hold water with the ladies who were in attendance. They put a WUPPIN on me and Poppy! Stats for the weekend were: (OK guys, settle down, we are talking about the fish measurements not the ladies) 

12 trout above 25”.
3 – 25” plus
5 – 26” plus
2 – 27” plus
1 – 28” plus
1 – 29” plus

These fish weighed from 5# to in excess of 8 ½ # WAY TO GO GIRLS!

If anyone has a doubt women can hold their own with us guys just look at the above stats.  They caught fish using top waters, soft plastic and suspending baits. They bailed out of the boats and waded not only MUD but water depths which filled their waders, all the while us guys were crying about being cold!!!!!!!!!!

Most fish were caught in scattered grass in 2 to 3 ½ feet on softer bottoms.  Some areas were over MUD. We had both clear and cloudy conditions to contend with. Cloudy dark skies dictated we used Black with Chartreuse top waters or trout pattern. Clear skies we went to, no connection to the ladies, but PINK top waters. The fish were somewhat lethargic and wanted the top waters worked twitch, twitch stop, many of the hits were on a dead stop. Many of the hits on top were classic BIG EXPLOSIONS with heart stopping action. Not all the big fish were caught on top waters but some were taken on suspending plastics and catch 2000’s SAME PATTERN, Red Head White bodies.

All I can say the more I fish these lady anglers the more respect I have for them and their abilities. I look forward to our May retreat as many of these ladies will be in attendance as well.

We have our good friends 4-F Fishing club here this coming weekend look for some really outstanding fish to be featured on our photo section following their trip.

One note all the above trout were released to fight another day.  If we don’t get raped by the meat hogs this summer look for this bay to be unbelievable in the near future. What a turn around we have seen in just a short time.

LET THE BIG ONES GO for your grandkids! They don’t taste as good and a picture lasts a lot longer than a fried fillet.