Re: 1st time 🙁

Rey, this time of year you can hook fish just about anywhere. two…three…four… five ..feet of water etc. Summer time is a great time to fish. mornings can be very productive just like late afternoon and evenings. On a recent wading trip to Mansfield “north of the fence” I did pretty good catching well over a dozen trout and keeping five keepers. Alot of grass mats on top of the water eventually made me abandon my top water rig in favor a texas trout killer in red shad with white tail. this was the only color the trout were hitting that day.  if one color doesn't hit change to another. keep working at tit. experiment with your retrives. see what the fish want. slow it down, speed it up. twitch it, bump it. the fish will tell you want retrieve they like. when you find the one they like, stick with it and hang on. Keep a tight line, especially if you are using a spinnig rig. you don't want under sized fish inhaling a jig and plastic, you'll definetely kill them this way. Under waster terrain is also a big factor. when you are wading, feel the bottom and try to remember the transitions. hard sand to grass to soft bottom, drop offs to sand rises.  I hope this helps ;)— Richard