Re: 1st time 🙁

[color=red]some other questions? [/color]
[color=red]-whens the best time to wade? morning ? noon? night? [/color]

YES! ;D  Learn your solunar Tables and tides for this answer…I will forward you a multi-piece article I wrote a few years ago outlining the different situations

[color=red]-bay or surf?[/color]

Actually, your call….I only fish from the beach for Pompano in the winter.  I think there are more exciting spots and challenges in the bay.

[color=red]-should we be looking for 4 feet of water? or 3 feet? what kind of depth?[/color]

Check the Baromet for this answer.  Also covered in the article I will forward you.

[color=red]-another thing we noticed is that when we jumping into the water we had mud for a good while until we got far enought out there, should we wait till we get to the sand or consider fishing in the muddy water with the little seaweed that was there ? what should we look for? and why?[/color]

The answer to this question could fill an entire book.  Read read and read as much as you can.  Look for changing structure line for fish…grass to sand.  Sand to mud.  Gravel to Sand .

Most importantly.  Always keep a fishing diary outlinging atomosphere conditions, lunar conditions (Rise & Set) (Full to New), and tidal movements.  I have one running for about 4 years now and reference it religiously.

Good luck and keep the questions coming!