Re: Action, Sound, Get Wet — May 12, 2008

Looks like the Kids (Capt. Brandon) idea has generated more traffic on the site! I just hope with fishing everyday we can post ideas and tips on a continual basis. Remember this old fart just can't fish all day and two finger type every night.
Now in response to your question:
I use Berkley 25# Ball Bearing Swivels and the smallest split ring I can see to attach to our jig heads. I will post a photo in the next few days.
Now some folks will use Quickswirl, Norton quick locks and or the Brown twist locks, in lieu of taking the time to put a split ring and swivel on each jig head. All those products are good systems: but I just prefer to attach each component separately. I can assure you it’s a pain in the ARSE to sit and attach two different components on a jig head, but when you are anal retentive you sometimes think out of the box and use the down time rigging as therapy.
Now to Wes’ question I use 12# Big Game in the bay. Do I sometime loose fish? Maybe BUT TODATE NOT A LARGE TROUT! A copout to my statement is: I retie often and ALWAYS check for nicks.
If I have a big fish dive in the grass I will back off and give it its head, have lost very few fish doing that. Hope this covered your questions, feel free to ask more we will get back as soon as we can. Again thanks for using the forum for its intended purpose.