Re: Any News on Dredging?

My opinion lately is that a majority of funding may have to be private or grant. With no Cast Guard station and little to no commercial traffic maintaining East cut is seen by some as unnecessary. Environmental impact can be argued either way. I personally think the closing would have an extreme negative impact on the Laguna but some will argue that Redfish bay did just fine before the cut was completed in 1963.
I have a bit of a problem with Packery channel in Corpus Christi which was funded by our tax dollars NOT by the city of C.C. and is already filling in. That and you can't get a large boat under the 361 bridge. Wallets fattened and who will pay to maintain it? Mansfield's jetties were last dredged in 1999 and  just recently have started shoaling to a critical point. Packery lasted less than a year.
I've been really upset the past few years about the issue but am tiring of speaking to deaf or apathetic ears.
Kind of feel like throwing my hands up as I see no solution in sight. Nothing I can do personally at least.